Experimental Research Topics

  • Experimental Validation of the Heat Balance and Radiant Time Series Cooling Load Calculation Procedures - Two full scale test rooms will be used to experimentally determine room heat extraction rates under various environmental and operating conditions. The measured sensible cooling load will be compared to the load predicted by recently developed ASHRAE load calculation procedures.

  • SmartBridge – Icing of bridges causes a significant number of road deaths each year. Treatment of bridge decks with salt reduces the life of road bridges considerably. An alternative bridge deck de-icing system that utilizes a ground source heat pump system to provide hydronic heating is being researched at OSU. Sophisticated control strategies are necessary to ensure the bridge deck is maintained ice-free.
  • In Situ Measurement of Ground Thermal Conductivity - The thermal conductivity of the ground surrounding a borehole is an important design parameter, but one that is rarely known with any degree of accuracy. A device for measuring the thermal conductivity of the ground in situ, and parameter estimation techniques for analyzing the data are being investigated.