Numerical and Analytical Modeling Research Topics

  • Analytical Verification Tests for Building Energy Simulation Programs – Verification and validation of the results of energy simulation programs is important if users are to have confidence in their results. Verification can be attempted by comparison of results with experiments, results from other programs or results of analytical tests. In the current work a standard series of analytical tests is being developed that can be used for verification purposes.

Graphic representation of Standing Column Well modeling

  • Modeling of Ground-Water Flow and Heat Transfer in Standing Column Wells – Standing column wells are used in open loop ground source heat pump systems. In this type of system ground water is drawn from an open well and used as the heat transfer fluid in an open loop arrangement. Little work has been done to date to analyze the effects of ground-water flow around the well. This flow, which is closely coupled with the convective heat transfer at the borehole, has a large impact on the performance of the system. A project is underway to analyze this problem using mainly numerical techniques.
  • Development of Snow-melting System Transient Analysis and Design Software – Hydronic and electric heating systems have been used to melt snow from paved surfaces for a number of decades. Design of such systems has been by steady-state heat transfer analysis. However, storms are transient in nature. To analyze transient effects, and the conditions in the pavement, a numerical transient simulation program is being developed.