Simulation Research Topics

  • Investigation of Stability and Convergence Criteria for Integrated Thermal Zone and HVAC System Simulations – Traditionally, building energy analysis simulations have been based on Gauss-Seidel, successive substitution equation solving strategies. The new generation of integrated, split-time step simulations may require more sophisticated strategies in order to achieve overall convergence and stability. This project investigates stability and convergence criteria in the new DOE sponsored EnergyPlus program.
  • Development of a Modular, Loop-Based, HVAC System Simulation – The EnergyPlus HVAC simulation environment is under developed as a hybrid implementation of component based and system based environments. A ‘fluid loop‘, which is an abstract representation of a piping or duct system, will provide the structural framework characteristic of system based models. HVAC components will be described and connected to the loop in the simulation input and will provide the flexibility characteristic of component based models.

Numerical Grid for Sandbox Experiment

  • Simulation of Ground Loop Heat Pump Systems – New algorithms for dynamic component based simulation of ground loop heat pump systems have recently been developed. These models are being used to study the dynamic behavior of such systems on short and long timescales. In particular, use of ground loops in conjunction with conventional heat rejecters—such as cooling towers—in ‘hybrid’ systems is being investigated.